What’s the Fastest Way to Change Your Life? Clean the Lens and Change the Filter

What’s the Fastest Way to Change Your Life? Clean the Lens and Change the Filter.jpg

Every single day, you decide what you are going to focus on. You choose the words that come out of your mouth that reflect that focus. These decisions shape how you see your world. They become the lens you look through, the lens you filter your life through. So, you only see the things you are filtering for. That filter creates the reality you experience. But what if you don’t like the reality you are experiencing? What’s the fastest way to change your life? Change your focus and clean the lens and change the filter, which will change the reality you experience.

Manifesting 101

Here’s a list of the most common responses I get about manifesting:

“Manifesting isn’t a real thing.”

“No one can make things happen.”

“Manifesting requires some woo-woo ju-ju and I’m not into that.

“I’d love to be able to manifest but I’m just not spiritual enough.

And here is my response every single time,

“You are already manifesting things every single day. You just don’t know it.”

Now, I get the same skeptical looks I would have given someone who said that to me just two short years ago. Here’s what I tell them.

The Fastest Way to Change Your Life? Clean the Lens and Change the Filter

How do you do this? Start by changing the way you speak. I don’t mean your accent or your grammar or your diction, I mean change the words that come out of your mouth. In other words, if you don’t want to speak it into your reality, don’t say it. I’m also not asking you to lie about what’s going on in your life or play Pollyanna, because we know bad stuff happens to everyone all the time. However, how we choose to speak about it and anything else going on in our lives determines how much power it has to shape our reality.

Clean the Lens and Change the Filter Challenge

If you have been following me, or have joined my free Hell Yes Circle Facebook group yet, which if you haven’t, you should head over there right now and then come back and finish this article, I have a clean your lens and change your filter challenge. I want you to pay attention to the words coming out of your mouth for one week. That’s 7 days. I want you to see what changes when you clean your lens and change your filter. If nothing changes, go back to doing things the way you were.

I’ve come up with this list for you to use to get you started:

“My life is chaotic.” “I’m bringing order to my life every day.”

“I can’t do that.” “I’m choosing to do something else.”

“I don’t know how.” “I’m learning how.”

“Horrible things have made me this way.” “I’m stronger because of what happened to me.”

“I don’t know what to do.” “I am taking it one step at a time.”

“My life sucks.” “My life is an adventure.”

There are two columns for a reason. Note the difference in tone between the right column and the left column? Now, do you want to speak more of the stuff in the left column or the right column into your life? It’s your choice.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with cleaning your lens and changing your filter. Please share them in the comments!