What’s the Fastest Way to Change Your Life? Clean the Lens and Change the Filter

Every single day, you decide what you are going to focus on. You choose the words that come out of your mouth that reflect that focus. These decisions shape how you see your world. They become the lens you look through, the lens you filter your life through. So, you only see the things you are filtering for. That filter creates the reality you experience. But what if you don’t like the reality you are experiencing? What’s the fastest way to change your life? Change your focus and clean the lens and change the filter, which will change the reality you experience.

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The Most Out on the Edge Thing I've Ever Done. To Date.

I figured I might as well start this blog off by telling you about the most out there thing I've ever done.  First let me say that I've spent the last year chasing woo-woo things, out there things, and pretty much wackadoodle things.  Because I've spent fifty-something years thinking I knew all about that stuff (translation: turning my nose up at all those crazy people), I've intentionally pushed myself further and further out on the edge.

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Sarah Robinson