About The Hell Yes!

& Sarah Robinson


I am so pleased you are here. :-)

My name is Sarah Robinson and I am the creator of this personal development and coaching brand, The Hell Yes! I am a seasoned corporate strategist, coach, best-selling author and speaker. With over twenty-five years of experience in marketing, consulting and business performance coaching, I  cut through the bullshit and get to practical solutions to just about anything.

Here's what I know:

You’ve got secret dreams. You know, the ones you take out and roll around on nights you can’t sleep? Those dreams.  And I want to show you how you can have them.  In fact, I want to show you how to upgrade your entire life so that those dreams look like child’s play.

If somewhere inside you, you’ve kept hope for those dreams alive….

You’ve come to right place. 

This is the community you’ve wanted to join your entire life. 

I know that’s a big promise.  And I know there are skeptics and realists out there thinking I’ve gone off the deep end.  Just hear me out. 

About a year ago, I was in the middle of the biggest train wreck of my life.  No way out and no where to turn.  My only choice was to consider ways of thinking and being that I previously scoffed at (no, I literally made the scoffing noise whenever it came up.)  I had to learn how to say words like “Manifesting” and “Miracles” out loud without wincing, because, you know, I was entirely too smart for all that bull shit.

Except it worked. And it worked. And it worked. 

Miracles literally fell out of the sky (and continue to). Intentions that I saw clearly in my mind, materialized on my phone exactly how I’d seen them (freaked me out). My mindset and my belief system became my new favorite research project. And every single thing I thought I knew about creating my own reality went out the window. 

Fast forward to now.  My corporate consulting practice has quadrupled its net profit (I keep raising my rates and I keep turning down clients that I don’t have time for.).  My family life is calm (ok, well, as calm as it can be with two boys, two dogs and now a lizard). My relationship with my ex-husband is everything I could hope for. I travel. I take my boys on trips, and I am fully present in my relationships.  My cares and worries don’t even deserve to be called cares and worries, they are so small. I look at my life and say “Hell Yes! This is my life!”

Realists, Skeptics & the Resigned - I’ve Got You. 

Look, God, the Universe, whatever, turned my life upside down because that was the only way to get my attention.  I walked through the frickin’ valley of the shadow of death. That valley was the only thing that was going to crack me open, because, like I said, I was just too intelligent to give credence to a bunch of woo-woo stuff. 

I was wrong. Wrong, wrong, WRONG. The valley taught me that and it gave me a life beyond anything I could’ve thought up. Now, my assignment is to share everything that I’ve learned and continue to learn so that others can skip that valley on their tour of life. (Seriously, you don’t want to go there, promise.).

If at any point in your life, you've given up hope of having those secret dreams, let your hope be restored. 

As a mindset coach and success strategist, I can show you how to tap into power you’ve already got and focus it to co-create your true heart’s desire. 

I work with people who know they're meant for more, are ready to engage with a new way of thinking and want to experience an abundant life beyond they're dreams.

If you’re ready, I’m waiting for you. :-)